Freaky Dreams

by Enter The Text

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The debut EP of Enter The Text.


released 15 December 2013



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Enter The Text Yekaterinburg, Russia

Some might want to call it a rock duo.
The project was started in 2012 by Mickey Devall (vocals) and Simply Tony (guitar) who remain the only permanent members of the band, suported by a session muscians team. Enter The Text have never been helped by third party composers, lyricists, sponsors, etc.
The main idea of the Enter The Text's music is keeping the sound as "real" as possible.
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Track Name: Party Up
Party Up
Verse 1:
Dressed like Lamberts, singing like Gagas
Well bad-tempered, pleading like beggars
Breaking the bottles, drowning the barrels
Better than they do.

Runtime errors, prayers unspoken
Stay a starer, but better walk in
All that you feel's outside. Hysteria!
Better do than don't.

Party up, party up! You won't forget it
Party up, party up! It doesn't matter
Where we're gonna wind up
Yes, I mean it
No traces of serenity
The party's right in front of me.
Verse 2:
Feel the spirit of the night brasher
You're to leer at nasty gatecrashers
Trust me, you can go on, hysteria.
Better do than stop!
(Don't stop, don't)

Naughty shawties, studying sinning
Hold on, hotties, we're just beginning
No way to get away, hit it off!
Better than the best.

Refrain (2x)

Party up, party up! (4x)

Refrain (2x)
Track Name: Freaky Dreams
My freaky dreams are all 'bout you
Conversations tore me through
I tried to get away but
Found myself go on.
Promises are out of reach
You just practice what you preach
I can't believe that you could
Make it all go wrong.

Verse 1:
With the queen of the streets I don't wanna be
But from all these dreams I don't wanna wake
Sometimes I wish you doubted too
Nothing of this I didn't wanna shout
But what used to be mine belongs to the crowd
And what you did returns to you

There's something on the inside I like
Something on the inside I like
Something on the inside making my dreams
Come outside.


Verse 2:
Every cloud is white if you look from above
But 'xept for these cigarettes there's nothing left to love
Now what was narrow's gotten broad
You knew I'd tolerate another dirty trick
But one day you'll swallow that filthy stick
That keeps on coming down your throat.

How about a ride to another life?
Kiss them all goodbye.
Track Name: Feeling
Feeling that I really want you
To believe in lies
Reasons of time motion always
Lie in paradise

Verse 1:
I'm better off, better off
Given in to freedom
Just hold me close, yeah, hold me close
'Cause we don't have any time
Keep on trying to track this moment,
Tracks of moments want to try me.
When they're shouting "Be free!"
Then I'm asking "Be good".
We'll find the way, I promise
If you want to stick here with me
'Cause together we'll become the stars of all this city...

Feeling that I really want you
To believe in lies
Reasons of time motion always
Lie in paradise
Blow the insecurities away,
Far from my eyes
Dreaming of somebody leads you
To a perfect life.

Verse 2:
Check me out, come on and check me out
You know I really mean it
There's no loser yet, no superstar
Until they breed it
Often thought of where you are going
Have you thought of how it should be
When they're shouting "Love you!"
Then I'm screaming "Love me!"
My desire's always growing
If you want to stick here with me
And if you were perfect again I would definitely be


We're broken in and then cheated,
We're operated, completed.
Nobody's trying to lead us.
This time's when you're gonna quit it
'Cause I first greeted then spitted
And kinda screwed this sh*t up
And I'll be striving until
You know this live is not real
Gotta make you fed up
Don't have to know what I feel,
Love's what I'll never steal
And we'll make it cleared up.


Come on and open your eyes...